Monday, February 13, 2012

Products I'm Trying to Use Up

I'm currently trying to use up more of my makeup and buy less. I'm starting with 5 products, since I'm not very good at this kind of stuff - Trust me, I tried Project 10 Pan like a million times and have not succeeded once. It seems like it takes a while for me to use up a product even tho I use it everyday...
So What's on my "Use Up" List :

O HUI Cell Power No.1 Essence : Right now I have way too many skin care products, so I'm trying to use up the things that I've had for a while. I have 1/4 left, so it won't be too hard to finish. review here
Skin Food Fresh Juice C Serum : Like I said, way too many skin care products - especially these kind of serum type thingies... This serum works great, but I want to finish it, because I'm not very keen about the scent - It's definitely citrusy at first (which I like), but ends up smelling like a men's cologne for some reason. Half left.
Missha Perfect BB Cream #21 : I honestly despise this BB Cream, because it makes my face so greasy during the day. I mix it with other BB creams to make it work. Roughly about half left.
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 : I LOVE this lip balm and will repurchase it. It's just that I had it for a while and it's kinda grossing me out. 3mm left! - almost done :)
Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in #12 : The cap broke on me, so I guess I have to use it up while it lasts. Right now I don't know how much there's left since it's slowly drying out. Wish MUFE had more sturdy packaging :/. swatch here.

What's on your "Use Up" list? I'd love to hear from you in the comments! :)


  1. o_o i think the last time i commented on your blogs was when you still had daydreamamy username :o

    i haven't done the the project 10 pan too. but i did threw away old cosmetics that i don't use anymore (either it's already expired, or it broke me out). i'm doing good though as far as not buying any cosmetics. just recently i ran out out of my facial cleanser so i think that's my latest purchase :)

  2. I don't know why but I can never seem to use up makeup. I always see people talking about makeup they've finished or products they've hit pan on, but I've never finished or hit pan on any makeup other than lip balms. Although, I'm very good at finishing skin care products.

    i really wanna try that fresh sugar lip treatment.

  3. i am trying hard to use up my makeup too! usually serums & stuff i hv no problem finishing. but makeup such as eyeshadows & blushes, i don't think i'll ever finish one hahaha i don't even think i've finished a tube of lipstick before. every time i get a new one i forget abt my old ones lol

  4. i have realised i am a makeup hoarder. at this point i am trying not to buy more rather than trying to use up more. it will take forever and i'd be so frustrated. T,.T
    the missha bb cream didn't work for me very well, either. it oxidises on me and feels heavy. it does make a great undereye concealor, though. :)

  5. O.O ,Does Missha BB Cream make your face look greasy? I've just ordered one :// and my skin is already oily :(
    Just hope it will work for me. *fingercrossed*

    btw,love your blog!

  6. Lovely post, I love you blog!:-)
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  7. I know it can be tempting when new makeup
    items/collections come out! :p but honestly
    I just try to use up what I have, there's
    really no point in buying more if I have
    more than what I need.

    Those are some pretty good products to start off with!

  8. @ Jade in The Palace Hey thanks for visiting my blog :). The Missha BB cream worked fine when I first got it, but now it doesn't. I guess my skin changed or something. Hope it works for you tho ;)