Thursday, August 11, 2011

July Favorites

Hi Girlies :)
 Summer is almost over and so is my vacation *sigh*. I know I'm acting like a child, but you know what I mean lol. Here are my favorite things for the month of July. Although the weather wasn't that hot here in SF (it was actually really cold and foggy ugh tell me about crazy weather), I kept my makeup light and fresh. Hope you enjoy!

1. SkinCeuticals Purifying Cleanser & Micro Exfoliating Scrub
 This was a prize from Cheryl's Giveaway and I'm so so glad that I won, because these are such great products. The cleanser is very gentle yet good at cleansing. It doesn't lather that much, but it's also not like one of those Aveda cleansers that feels like lotion on the skin and doesn't lather at all. The scrub is even better! It has tiny tiny beads, hence the name, and feels so good and I mean sooo good on the skin. Sorry it's really hard to describe how it feels more than good haha. But yeah, I will recommend it to anyone with any skin types - even people with sensitive skin! Both of these products have a 'no scent' scent which is great.

2. MAC Cremeblend Blush in Optimistic Orange (MAC in Lillyland '10)
 This blush is gorgeous. It looks kinda scary in the pan, but blends out as a really nice pink-orange. I use this blush all year around, but tend to use it more when I'm tanned - like right now :). Not really sure if it's a limited edition product, because I think you can get this at MAC Pro - I could be wrong, but yeah if it is, it's a shame cuz it's a gorgeous color. 

3. MUFE Aqua Liner #12
 This liner was my best friend during the month, because I've been training for the half marathon. Through all the sweat (haha gross) from running 8+ miles, it seemed to stay right in place. It does have a slight glossy finish which I'm not a big fan of, but besides that, I give two thumbs up. The applicator is in a good size as well.

4. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in #48 Evasion
 I always had a doubt for Chanel cosmetics, but I guess, when it comes to lipsticks, you pay for what you get. The color isn't that special, but the finish is bomb! I found that it makes my lips look more plump and healthier. Great for everyday makeup - you don't really need a mirror to apply it, it's one of those easy lipsticks :).

5. The SF Marathon 
 If you have been reading my blog and following me on twitter, you know that I went for the half marathon on July 31st. And guess what? I happily finished the course in 2:29:54! It's obviously not the best record, but I finished!!! SFM managed to plan the course so nicely and the weather was great. Such a great experience and worth the hurt :).

What were your July Favorites?


  1. i know what you mean! i was just complaining about the weather a few days ago how its summer but it's been soo gloomy and cold! so no beaching here in so cal =( and i live right by the beach too! and i loveeeeee orange blushes! definitely wanna check that one out =)

  2. you have it so much better there. in my country it gets so hot then it'll start to rain hard and it will get soooo HOT again LOL! it's like the weather can't make up its mind.

    the chanel lippie is soo pretty! <3

  3. congrats on the marathon! that orange blush makes me scream :)

  4. The weather wasn't that hot here either, as in comparison with other years.
    I love that orange blush! :)
    And Congrats on the marathon. ^^

  5. Great post Amy! That creme blush looks especially great for summer, and I should check that eyeliner out for future dance performances where I get sweaty! Congrats on your marathon and I hope you're doing well :) ~Emily

  6. !!! I volunteered for SF Marathon. Good job!

  7. Yay! I'm happy you liked the products :)

  8. I love that MAC blush - I've wanted to get a bright blush shade like that, something also similar to NARS Exhibit A~

    Congrats on completing the marathon! ^_^

  9. congrats on the marathon!! i was at the park the day before & saw them setting up. mb one day...i'll actually have the guts to run it LMAO

    that chanel lipstick is so pretty!!

  10. Cool favourites, so good that you manage to stay down with a small amount, I always have a tendency of trying too many things, eeeshk

    And good job with the marathon!

  11. Congrats for finishing the marathon !!
    Your blush look really cute, we'll try to find it :)
    We are twittering you, haha

    Love from London Wishes.

    Caithlin and Eva

  12. Thanks for sharing, Amy!:D

    Optimistic Orange is such a pretty summer shade. I should give it a try.:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  13. congrats on finishing your marathon amy that's AMAZING!!!!

  14. @ Jenny Thay I didn't know that socal was gloomy as well :S hope the weather gets warmer

    @ sugar sugar lol

    @ cushy Thanks girl :) and I know isn't it so pretty?!! <3

    @ Joanne Thx Joanne :)

    @ TheEmmiFace Emily!!!! You are back!!! :DDDD

    @ Valerie Zhang !!! Which part were you at?! We could have seen each other omgsh

    @ cheryl of course, you picked it :)

    @ PopBlush Thanks girl :) I want to try Exihibit A too

    @ ShinyPrettyThings It actually took me a couple of years to have the guts haha

    @ Amy Thanks Amy :) n you know you can't try TOO many things haha I'm just being a bit lazy on makeup lately ;p

    @ London Wishes Thank you (:

    @ Marie You really should it's an awesome color! :)

    @ Lisa Thanks Lisa :D

  15. Congrats on finishing a marathon!!

  16. I want to try the MUFE Acqua liner, looks really promising!

  17. yay for finishing the marathon! that's impressive :)


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  18. Beautiful! Great blog! :))

  19. that blush o_o <3 <3 so pretty! i'm wondering now if it's available at mac pros now hehe! i have a lot of favorites last month ( ^^.

    congrats also on finishing the marathon! so proud of your achievement ^^!

    thanks for the comment btw, i had to search what yuzu was lol! i'm not sure if they have the sort of citrus at the pastry shop that we went to, but i would love to try that one out too if i ever find it here in texas :D

  20. CONGRATS on the Marathon!!!

    i love MAC and the ORANGE blush i would never dare but now i feel like getting it too!!!

    you have such a LOVELY blog babe!!!

  21. Oooh, Optimistic Orange looks gorgeous and Evasion looks and sounds lovely too!

    Congrats on completing the marathon! :)

  22. i love your favorites. question, is the mufe aqua liner sweat friendly?