Friday, September 30, 2011

Review : Lush H'suan Wen Hua Hair Moisturizer

 TGIF Everyone! I have yet another hair product review for you :). I've been wanting to do a post on this guy since the first time and now I finally can! Hope you enjoy <3.
1. What is it ? It's a hair mask 
2. How to use? Apply the product on dry hair -> Leave in for 20-30 mins (I do 40 mins) -> Wash (Shampoo & condition your hair like you normally do). Keep it in the fridge for longer use.
3. Main Ingredients ? Fresh free range eggs, Fresh bay infusion, Bananas, Avocados. You can check the list here.
4. Pros ? 
- The result is absolutely stunning : It makes the hair so soft and shiny, almost like when you get a special treatment at a salon 
- Not greasy afterwards 
5. Cons ?
- smell is really bad and it lingers for a few days
- It's less effective once it gets closer to the the expiration date
- takes a lot of time
6. Value ? $19.95 for 7.9 oz. My hair is a little longer than shoulder-length and I got 4 uses out of the tub. I think it's not that bad, since I no longer need to go to the salon to get treatments as often.
7. Overall Rating ? 4.5/5. I LOVE this product so much! It really makes my hair healthy and tangle-free.  It goes well with the R&B Hair Moisturizer also from Lush (this smells bad, too tho lol). 
8. Repurchase ? Yes!


  1. What does it smell like and do you mean the smell stays on the hair? I hope I don't mind the scent too much, because I really want try this to get my hair more soft and shiny! =D

    Reply: Thank you~ I am absolutely loving my new quick to style hair~ Let me know if you do end up getting a change too~

  2. Thanks for the review.. though, idk about products that smell & lingers after you wash it out.. :( Do you use this daily? I think one tub of this would last me 2 uses! XD

  3. can you describe what it smells like dear? :)

  4. I remember this from Elle Fowler's video. I think it's a great product but a bit too pricey. Hehe. :)


  5. OMG i luv this hair mask~~~its tbe best!!!!i actually like the smell~~~cuz i like vinegar~~~lol


  6. Thanks for the review! I'm still waiting to try Lush products, because the nearest Lush, is actually quite far away from the place I live.
    And smells are normally problematic. I don't like really strong scents either.

  7. glad it has such great results! but idk if i can use it if it smells bad! good smelling hair is one of my top priorities in life HAHAHHAHAHA

  8. @ Popblush It's hard to describe because I don't exactly know what it smells like.. lol. But it does have a vinegar-salad dressing kind of scent.

    @ Jen I use it once a week~

    @ sugar sugar Like I said to Popblush, it has a a vinegar-salad dressing kind of scent, at least to Hope this helps? Sorry I am bad at describing scents

    @ Myrted :) It seems pricey, but it's really not, cuz it works well.

    @ Jessy You love it too YAY!! ^_^

    @ Joanne Yeah that's why I don't like to shop online when it comes to Lush. You really need to go to the store and smell the product and decide whether you like it or not :/

    @ ShinyPrettyThings LOL I totally agree - that's why I can't use it more than once a week :p

  9. the smell is only one downside for some natural ingredients. but at least it works and you're not adding chemical crap to treat your hair ^^

    thanks for the comment on my post :D i was wearing MAC sheen supreme lipstick in Bare Again :)