Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mini Lush Haul

L-R : Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask, Gorgeous Moisturizer, Imperialis Moisturizer
Hey Girls~ I randomly found out that Lush is having a moisturizer promo (selling sample-sized products for cheap)! Each sample contains 12g and they cost roughly around $3-$10. As soon as I knew what was going on, I immediately grabbed Gorgeous which is an 80-something-dollar moisturizer that I fell in love a long time ago, but never repurchased because of the price. Then, my Lush Girl said that Imperialis is supposed to be a good moisturizer for combination skin, so I got that as well. And lastly, I needed a new face mask, so I grabbed Love Lettuce. If you've been reading my blog, you know I love Catastrophe Cosmetic (blueberry scent) the most and might think, 'What is going on with her? Why is she buying that lettuce mask all the time?'. I certainly don't know what's going on (if my skin changed or the formula changed..), but I think I've changed my mind - Love Lettuce is my number one for now :).


  1. omg! A moisturizer promo! I've been looking for a good LUSH moisturizer lately. I really need to investigate this. Gorgeous is really nice, but it's so expensive. I was thinking of trying Enzymion as well, since my skin's been a little oily lately. Or Imperialis like you for combo.

  2. Those looks like great stuff. I actually like the tub's of Lush. :) Tho I haven't tried any from their skincare. Great haul! :)

  3. Woah, the Gorgeous moisturiser sounds pricey but I guess worth it if it does a great job. I need to try some Lush skincare! I love that it is fresh and handmade~

  4. ahhh i still have yet to try Lush! the lettuce mask sounds interesting...prob bc it's lettuce lol it's great that they sell the small sizes! will go check it out :]

  5. oh, a lush haul, it's been forever since i've been to lush, i really need to go and stock up on my favorite things, that is shower gels! need to convince my boyfriend that we NEED those from lush! :-))

  6. lush has great products and you got good deals! :D imperialis is indeed a good moisturizer.i hope you like it!

  7. is the deal still one? i've tried several lush items, but haven't found a favorite.

  8. i have heard about these products from a couple of other blogs but have yet to try anything! can you only purchase online?!

  9. @ Dovey Haha I was actually looking at Enzymion, too, but ended up w/ Imperialis. I might go back to get it. ;)

    @ Myrted You should try them- it's like a whole new world :p

    @ PopBlush Me too~ Love that it's so fresh! Gorgeous is one of the best moisturizers out in the market (that is, in my opinion). The scent is a bit strong, but it works so well, I don't care that much

    @ ShinyPrettyThings :)

    @ Blusherine Heart their shower gels, too =D

    @ sugar sugar :D

    @ cushy Yup- actually I bought these on the first day of the promo- I think now is a good time to try them out ;)

    @ cheryl Nah I actually got these at the store-