Friday, January 4, 2013

Review : The Body Shop Banana Shampoo

Hi Guys :) Happy New Year! Today I'm trying out the new (or was it around for ages?) Blogger app on my iPad, so let's see how this goes haha. The layout might be slightly different and stuff, but if this works out well, I will be blogging more often since it's more convenient. I know, how lazy, right? Anyway, If you've been following me on instagram, you know I recently purchased the Banana Shampoo from The Body Shop. I felt like a lot of people wanted to hear my thoughts on this product so here it is- a review! :).

Scent ? Smells like straight up bananas or banana milk. Honestly, I'm not too crazy about the scent, but I don't hate it at the same time.I find that it doesn't linger for too long on my hair.
Texture ? It has a gel consistency like other shampoos. Lathers well, but not too crazy like the big shampoo from Lush.
Pros ?
- Very nourishing, great for dry/ dull hair (like mine :/)
- makes the hair super shiny
- made with community trade banana purée
- scent is not too strong after rinsing with water
- container is made from recycled plastic
- expensive
- doesn't come in a bigger bottle. I believe they only carry the 250ml ones which seems like 15-20 uses for me (I have shoulder length hair). However, I feel like this shampoo is more of a "nourishing shampoo" rather than a "clarifying shampoo", so I don't use it everyday.
Value ? $8 for 250ml (8.4oz). So if you are interested in this shampoo, I do recommend getting this on sale.
Overall Rating ? 4/5
Repurchase ? Maybe. Only because I like trying out new things. It's a great shampoo overall and I do recommend it.

So that was my short review on the banana shampoo! Hope you liked it and thanks for stopping by ;)

Amy xx


  1. Hi Amy, Happy New Year! It was interesting to hear your thoughts on The Body Shop's banana shampoo, especially on lathering (one doesn't think of bananas as bubbly). I liked LUSH's newest banana shampoo, but it was too moisturizing for me too.

    1. Omg Lush has a banana shampoo?!! Obviously I was living under a cave :/

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  3. Yay you're back!! Where have you been Amy?! ^_^

    Omg, I had to delete my previous comment because I somehow thought you were reviewing Lush's Banana Shampoo! Silly me! LOL!

    Funnily enough and sadly, I don't like the actual banana fruit! so probably giving this one a miss. The Body Shop products are also kinda expensive here in Aus so I haven't really tried their products..

    Once again, glad you're back! xx

    1. Thanks Hun I've been here the whole time... Just a LITTLE lazy hahahaha;;;
      And omg had no idea you didn't like bananas haha if you don't like def skip it!
      So glad you commented xxx