Monday, March 5, 2012

February Favorites 2012

Hi Lovelies~ It's that time again for the monthly favorites :D. Don't forget to link your favorites post in the comment section, I'd love to see what you liked!
1. O HUI Powder Sunblock EX+ in Beige (SPF 50+PA+++)
This powder is gorgeous. I got this as a gift from my mom (thanks mom!) and I was really excited about it, because I knew that it was one of the cult favorites in Korea. It's a medium to full coverage powder that has sunblock properties, so it will not only make you look flawless, but protect your skin as well. Whenever I apply this powder, it feels like I've been photoshopped or something lol - it's that good. However, I do not like the sponge applicator that it comes with. It grabs way too much product so I end up using a small contour brush instead. 
2. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Copper Sand
Copper Sand is a great all over the lid color when you don't want much going on your face. It looks super natural and blends easily.
3. Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush in Rose
This is the perfect rosy blush for me. It gives a really natural flush/sheen to the face and it's easy to blend. The packaging is kind of bulky, but it's a great product nonetheless.
4. Josie Maran Argan Mini Color Stick in Petal Pink
This is another rosy blush I've been using all month. It doesn't have shimmers in it or anything, but it gives this beautiful, healthy glow to the face and it's quite lovely. Also, all of the JM product contain argan oil, so I guess it makes a nice treat to your skin as well. I have no idea why the Happy Booster  blush and this blush stick shows up differently on the camera (swatches below), but they look kind of identical on the cheeks. 
5. Benefit Coralista
Coralista is a beautiful coral/peach blush and I've been using it non stop since I got it. It looks very natural and smells yummy.
6. Anna Sui Lip Rouge V in #660 
I guess I've been really loved this month, because this is another gift that I received! One of my dear friends was so sweet and she bought this lipstick for me at the duty free shop while she was traveling. The color is excellent for the spring season and the texture is sooooo smooth. Also, it has that signiture rosy scent that all Anna Sui lipsticks have and the packaging is gorgeous.
L-R : Anna Sui Lip Rouge V #660, BB Copper Sand, PF Happy Booster in Rose, JM Petal Pink, Benefit Coralista
And last but not the least,
7. Lush Buffy Body Butter
I seriously can't get enough of this body butter! It smells amazing and it made my skin super smooth. 

That's it! Hope you enjoyed reading and talk to you soon xx.


  1. Wow amazing favourites! Those blushes look amazing, I wish Josie Maran was more accessible in Australia, I've heard great stuff about her products. And that Anna Sui lipstick is such a pretty colour, it looks like a basic red in the tube but the swatch is so pretty, and it looks so pigmented! And I've been wanting to try the Lush Body Butters for a while, might have to go pick one up now haha.

    I was planning on doing February Favourites, I even filmed my video I just still haven't had time to edit it, etc. I'll probably post it extremely late or something.

  2. oh you have cool list of february fave! I really want to try the powder! I am always interested in asian beauty product ;)
    btw here is my feb fave blogpost :) :


  3. i love Anna Sui packaging! i bought 1 of her lipsticks in tw and can't stop staring lol the rose scent is so nice too!

    i really gotta pick up that PF blush one day. so many ppl love it!!

  4. oh the mini color stick is a cutie! :)
    and the sunblock powder looks so interesting! it would be so handy in the busy morning.

  5. I love your photos - beautiful light, so clear and well taken! Coralista looks gorgeous, I've always wanted to try Benefit blushes :)

  6. The heart blusher is so cute! And looks like such pretty colours too. The lush body butter looks amazing too xxx

  7. What do you wear under your O HUI Powder?? Is this something you can wear all year long?