Friday, November 4, 2011

Haul Time! Sephora F&F, MAC, and More

Hi Everyone!
 Sorry for posting my Sephora F&F haul sooooo late! I've been meaning to post this haul on Monday, but I got distracted or something. Anyways, here are the stuff that I got, I ended up getting different things from my list (as usual) except for the POWda WOWza palette and the Too Faced bronzer. I also picked up a few things from MAC and the drug store, so I added them in my haul, too. Hope you enjoy :).

Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate : I basically purchased this because I've tried their 7 day sample pack and really liked it. Believe it or not, Lancome claims that they did 10 years of research, so it has to be good, right?
Benefit POWda WOWza : I was immediately sold when I saw this palette because it contains Coralista, Bella Bamba, and Hoola. Was only $28 as well!!!
Bobbi Brown Party Eye Palette : I bought this because I heard a lot of good things about BB eyeshadows. I like how the packaging is really sleek and professional looking.
SOPI Spark-tacuar! Top Coat : This guy was on my wish list for a while- I have it on my nails already and it's gorgeous! Worth every penny.
Too Faced Caribbean in a Compact - Sun Bunny : Like the Lancome serum, I had a sample of this bronzer for quite a while and I really liked it. Usually, I don't go for shimmery bronzers, but this one looks so natural on my skin.
Then, I got this Boxum set for 500 point perk! ^_^ *YAY*

MAC Paint Pot in Let's Skate : I know that I don't need another shimmery pink, but the name + packaging were too cute to resist.
MAC Make It Perfect Brush Kit : I knew that MAC brush kits had bad reputation, but I picked them up anyway because they were "pretty". I opened the box at home and returned it the next day. They do suck :(.
Chanel VitaLumiere Aqua in B10 (and samples of MatLumiere and PerfectionLumier) : I finally finished my sample (almost had it for 2 months!) of the VitaLumiere, so I thought it was time make a purchase. It's a great light-weight foundation.
Wet 'n' Wild I love Matte Palette : My first Wet 'n' Wild palette ever! I never ever wear bold colors, but this palette make me want to.
Revlon Lip Butter in Creamsicle : I first saw this tinted lip balm on Jess' blog Don't Call Me Jessie, and I felt like my heart stopped or something. It was perfection!! So I ran out to CVS and bought the last one :).
Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mask : I never saw or heard about this mask before so I thought I would give it a try. It was kind of expensive comparing to the MBD masks, but I thought it might bring better results?! I don't know, maybe, maybe not.

So that was my haul, let me know if you want me to review any of these products, I'm more than happy to do so :). Have a wonderful weekend! xx Amy


  1. swatches of the wet n wild palette please? :D

    i have one revlon lip butter too! just in a different color hehe <3

    have a great weekend!

  2. oooh, yummy haul!!
    i want revlon lip butters so much!

  3. Great haul. Every Revlon lip butter I've tried has been awesome <3 adore them! I have the matte Wet n Wild palette too but I want to save it or something. It can be easier to wear bright colors if they're matte, so please give it a try :)That Chanel sample is huge! They gave me a little packet with one application, but I wound up buying it anyway. I'm using a sample of Genifique right now and I like what it does for my skin texture but I'm hoping it's not the cause of my current breakout... probably not, right? Please review the Genifique when you finish a bottle, I'd love to see what you think!

  4. great haul...
    love it

    ow please review Too Faced Caribbean in a Compact - Sun Bunny

  5. great haul~~~do a swatch of the BB and MAC paint-pot if you have the chance...also the W/W matte palette~~~id love see the colours~~


  6. omg you got so many good things! :) I want to see what the sparkly nail polish looks like on!

  7. Omg, great haul!!!!! =D That Revlon lip butter is making me think of driving out right now and getting one!!!!! If only it wasn't almost 10pm!! Darn :p

  8. Great haul! Yay for Creamsicle! I can't wait to get my hands on some more shades. :D

  9. Ooo! You got so much good stuff! I saw Powda Wowza and immediately thought it was such a great combination of products - I have all 3 full-size versions and love them! I hope you'll review Perfection Lumiere...I really want to try it too :)

  10. There are so many fun things here! Chanel VA has such a nice light texture, I got my second bottle recently in a darker shade. I love the packaging of you Chanel samples, they're so pretty! I also got the Buxom 500 point perk. I'm quite in love with the lip stick. It makes a nice base for some other colors, while being a bit creamier than pencils. The W&W, Creamsicle, Bobbi Brown, and nail polish all look like great picks too.

  11. wowww i adore your haul <3 brushes mac

  12. great haul! :D some of the products you got aren't available in my country. but i have read good reviews about them so i want to try them as well.

  13. lovely haul!
    I love the SOPI nail polish! very pretty and the
    too faced bronzer looks lovely too :) the MAC paint
    pot does look tempting! very cute and the name!
    (you're right =p)

    The wet n wild colours look amazing! love the colours.
    and I haven't seen the revlon lip butters yet, but
    they all look very lovely!

  14. Amazing haul! And the OPI nail polish is to die for! :)

  15. Spark-tacuar looks GORGEOUS and I can't wait for my local Wal-Mart to receive those Revlon Lip Butters!

  16. Nice haul hun!! I've heard so many good things about Genifique, might get it at my next duty free stop.

    I totally agree that the MAC paint pot packaging is so nice!!

  17. O__O I LOVE YOUR HAUL. It's so beautiful.. haha~ Please do an EOTD with your WnW palette! I'd love to see what you create with such bold colours ^^

  18. Awesome haul :)

  19. Mac's brush kit looks so cute and amazing!

  20. Ooh fabulous haul! I'm just starting to get my F&F items and am very excited about it!

  21. OMG Spark-tacuar looks amazing!!!
    please review that nail polish :)

  22. amazing haul! somehow i missed the benefit blusher set when ordering.

  23. Such an amazing haul! I love that in America they can give you samples of foundations, I haven't been able to do that in Australia yet. And omg that revlon lip butter looks gorgeous, I've seen soooo much about them, they're just not out yet here. Can't wait for when they do come out though!