Thursday, November 3, 2011

October Favorites

Hey Girls! It's October Favorites time :). This month I've been loving all things shimmery and peachy pink- Hope you enjoy reading.
1. MAC Pro LongWear Concealer in NC 20 : I've been breaking out like crazy this month (all over my face), so this concealer came in handy. It lasts for 8+ hours and doesn't crease at all! Because of this reason, I no longer use any of my other concealers to cover up blemishes. Two thumbs up.
2. MAC Strobe Cream : Strobe cream gives a really pretty glow to the face. You can mix it with foundation or use it underneath or over foundation, use it alone, really however you like. I usually dab it on my cheekbones after powder and love how it gives a subtle glow. (This is the travel size btw)
L-R : Pro LongWear Concealer NC20 - Blended - Strobe Cream - Blended
3. NARS Deep Throat : Deep Throat is a peachy pink with shimmers in it. I've been wearing this a ton this month because it's great for busy days - You don't need to think that much, it goes well with any eye look.
4. MAC Melba : Melba is a really nice matte peach blush. If you've read my Love/Hate Relationships post, no matter how pretty it looks in the pan, you know how I feel about this blush - Sometimes it looks good/ Sometimes it looks hideous. For this month, it worked totally fine.
L-R : Deep Throat, Melba
5. Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion palette in Caffeine Rush : I've been loving the shimmery top coat that's in this palette. The shimmers gives a golden sheen to the eye and it's not too intense at all. Swatches here.
6. Clarins Lip Perfector 02: I love how this gloss is not sticky and fuss-free. The scent is really pleasant (it's a vanilla, but way better than MAC lipglasses) and the packaging is great. My only complaint is that it doesn't last for a long time. I find myself re-applying it all day long.
7. Sana Super Quick Gloss Concealer EX - 02 : This is a lovely pink gloss. I have a review here.
L-R : Clarins Lip Perfector, Sana Gloss Concealer 
8. Revlon ColorStay Brow Enhancer in Blond/Gold : I've been using the tinted wax part for the inner corners of my brows a lot this month (I use other products for the rest). It's the perfect color for just filling in the brows lightly. It also tames effectively because it's a wax. The highlighter part is great for the brow bones as well. I've gone through 2 of these in the past and I'm pretty sure they reformulated the highlighter part. It's much creamier and pigmented. Color-wise, it's very similar to MAC's Nylon.
L-R : Tinted Wax - Highlighter  
9. Kiss Me Hand Cream : I finally understand why this hand cream has been & still is a bestseller (for 30 years!) in Japan. I makes my hands soooo smooth without being sticky. I'll be honest, I'm not big fan of the scent - It smells like the tiger balm... but again, it goes away quickly, so I guess it's not a big deal.

Thanks so much for reading & Have a great day!
I'll try to post my Sephora F&F Haul asap ;)


  1. Great favorites! I want to go get that revlon brow wax... hopefully it will tame my flyaway brows? I hope you feel proud of being an enabler, too, because this is the last-straw post for me for both the strobe cream and clarins gloss... I can't not buy them anymore ;)
    I love the ^_^ on the shimmer, too :)

  2. i love monthly favorites postings! :)
    i don't own any nars blush(*gasp*) but would like to try DT soon. i've been reading so many good things about this blush already.
    i have the same quint from maybelline. i think this one is the prettiest from the line. :)

  3. I love this peachy selection. Very pretty! DT is one of my favorites =)I'll be looking to your sephora post!

  4. i want to try the bestseller hand cream in japan for 30 years. what's the secret ingredient i wonder.

  5. love the oct faves! :D Haha, i'm in love with my revlon brow enhancer too.. though i haven't tried the highlighter yet :D

  6. great post, i have yet to try out any Nars items, anytime i try to buy them i ned up with smth else...30 dollars for a blush is just too expensive...but i luv the colour though...i actually really like the Sana lippie..i think the colour is soo pretty, like perfect strawberry milk shade~~~


  7. Wow, just viewed your swatches of the maybelline palette and it looks pretty impressive. I might need to get my hands on those as well!

  8. :o i want to try that mac pro longwear concealer!

    your post is making me want to buy #5 and #7 ^^

  9. nars deep throat is my favourite as well!! sighh :D

  10. Wowwwwwww!!! wut a shopping!!!
    Love the blush, the eyeshadow and all.
    Will u do any review?

  11. Both of those lip gloss shades are so pretty! I love that Clarins lip glosses aren't sticky.