Tuesday, November 15, 2011

EOTD Ft. Wet 'n' Wild I Love Matte Palette

  Hi Everyone, I have an EOTD using the WnW I Love Matte Palette for you today! It's nothing really fancy, I just wanted to go for a 'wearable' eye look, yet something that's a bit different from what I usually wear.
1. So firstly, I applied the #1 color which is a matte white on my brow bone and inner corner of the eye.
2. Then, I applied a sheer wash of #3 which is the chiffon green color.
3. After that, I blended out with #2.
4. Smoked out the outer part of the eye with #4 which is a matte black
5. Tight lined with BB Gel Liner, then lined my lower lash line with the ELF Shimmer Pencil.
6. Mascara and Falsies :)
L-R, T-B : Wet 'n' Wild I Love Matte, BB Gel Liner, Pa #04, ELF Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil, Buxom Lash Mascara
So that was my quick post on the eye look- Hope you enjoyed and talk to you soon xx


  1. Very nice look you created! I initially thought the colours were to bright for my liking in this palette but you created a nice and subtle look.

  2. So cute! It's really subtle but has a dreamy look to it :D

  3. I really love the way you put these colors together because I usually don't try shadows like that but it's beautiful and I like how you show exactly how to shade it. great look. Your eye looks so pretty


  4. very nice EOTD. i wouldn't know how to use this palette, but you used it well :)

  5. it looks soft and pretty!
    i love your eyebrows. :)

  6. gorgeous :) Great use of this palette.. everyone seems to be loving this palette now! its popping up everywhere ^>^

  7. OMG you look AMAZING!!!i luvthe colour combo, it suits you very well..i think its good for any daytime activities, but with a bitmroe colour instead of being boring~~~love it!!!


  8. So soft yet sexy!! Pastel shades really suit you hun. Love how you smoked it out a bit too~

  9. thanks for the tutorial! u made the bright shades really wearable. love it!

  10. I love pastel colors, your eyes look so pretty~ :D
    so simple and fresh <3

  11. nice clean and very wearable! nice job amy! :D

  12. I've never seen someone who can pull off the pastel shades so well! Beautiful look & great post xoxo

  13. wow, this is really pretty! :)
    your eyes are beautiful!
    I love the colours you used together