Monday, October 31, 2011

Review/Rant : JewelMint Here To Eternity Set

 Hey girls! A little over a week ago, I made my first purchase at If you don't know what JewelMint is or how it works, Here is a quick rundown-

1. JewelMint is an online jewelry shop created by Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter
2. You go to the site and take a style quiz - this is free
3. Based on your quiz results they recommend personalized jewelry for you each month
4. Each piece of jewelry costs $29.99
5. After you make your first purchase, your credit card will be automatically charged $29.99 each month unless you "skip the month"

 Anyway, I signed up for this site a couple of months ago, because I heard a lot of good things about them around the internet. However, I never saw anything pretty or at least interesting in my showroom, so I never made a purchase. Then, I saw this 'Here To Eternity Set'. It looked really dainty and feminine. I also loved the use of mixed metals. On top of that, I had this 50% off coupon code, so I finally -finally- made a purchase.
 After I placed my order, the set wasn't shipped for 4-5 days. I wanted to know what was going on, so I sent them an email, but they didn't answer until a week later. It seemed like they didn't even read my email and copy/pasted the information they had as a reply. But that was still okay, they said that they had some issues with their site yadi yadi yada...
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 After it was shipped from Santa Fe Spings, CA, it only took 2 days to get to SF - So it took 7 days total. I guess the shipping's not that bad. The packaging was really nice, the set came in a pretty mint green box with a black bow tied around it. The jewelry was nicely placed and I don't have any complaints about their presentation. Here's a look at the set. Pretty, huh? Pretty, but honestly, I felt like the necklace was a little chunkier than I thought. Not to mention the rose gold part being a bit too red, too, but that was okay as well. You know how that kind of stuff often happens when you shop online.
 Then, I took a closer look and this is how it was. Can you see how the metal is already rusty? I haven't wore it once and this is how it is. :( So disappointing, right?!!! The chains (gold ones) are also rusty here and there and it's not even antique themed. I'm seriously afraid of wearing this necklace, because I have semi-sensitive skin.
 Overall, I think the quality is totally CRAP. You can't really see in the pictures, but the chains look really cheap and I think I can get something much cheaper + better quality jewelry at Forever 21. Totally not worth $30 or $14.99!!! I can stand bad customer service at some degree, but getting bad quality products? Not for me.
 Although I heard that JewelMint stuff are usually a hit or a miss, I don't think I'm going to make another purchase any soon. Thanks for reading my review/rant, you know I usually don't post things like this, but I really wanted to give you a heads up. Hope this was helpful and have a great week! This necklace is going to the garbage can :).


  1. I haven't tried jewel mint but love an honest review. I design my own jewelry with my sister so probably won't but I keep seeing people wear stuff but not review the site so love this.

    Glad to have bumped into your blog and look forward to following you :)

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  2. being that it's already a hit or miss with the quality of their jewelry already seems kind of iffy to me :/... i've signed up too, all because i considered buying the heart ring that they had re-released a few months ago.

    but i looked through their fb page and i've seen some people who have the same issues as you. some even worse where they had gotten a broken piece or that the metal from the rings had turn their finger green O_O.

    thank you for the extra warning tho.

  3. Eeeks! Its rusty already?!! That must've been really disappointing for you hun. =/ Thank you so much for letting us know!~

  4. appreciate your review, Amy.
    sorry your experiece is not good with know with so many bloggers talking about jewelmint, i was starting to get curious.

  5. Thanks for the review and the nice pics!

    Tho im totally convinced at this point that JewelMint is crap. The quality of the jewelry is Forever21/Asian market quality but at triple the price....

  6. ahhh sorry you didn't like it!! i have to agree that i def would NOT spend $30 a month for a piece. i have only 1 pair of earrings from them too which i got for $15 and the quality is decent, much better than f21. but from the other reviews i've seen, it really does depend on which piece u get. i guess different styles have diff qualities which is ridiculous. it shouldn't be based on luck whether the piece u pick will be good quality or not!

  7. i love the design but i think its kinda pricey haha, nice review btw! ^_^

  8. That's a bummer. I've heard similar stories around the web, and I'm surprised how successful they still are!

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  10. hello i have given you an award, go check out this post to find out more hehe;L

  11. hmm, not cool, but it looks good:(

    new outfit post

  12. thanks for the heads up but that's really annoying for you! Grrr

  13. I recently ordered a necklace from jewelmint! I haven't received it yet, but now I'm kind of regretting buying it, even though I had a 60% off code. :/