Saturday, September 10, 2011

August Favorites

Hey Ladies, summer has flown by and it's that time again for the monthly favorites (well, I guess it's late, but yeah haha ^^;). These are the products I've been reaching for constantly - Hope you enjoy!
1. Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel : I've been using this as a moisturizer a lot this month. I love this because it's natural and super easy to use - just slap it on the face and go. The tub is huge and it's only $3!! However, I wouldn't recommend it to people who have very dry skin, because it's not a heavy cream at all. You can find something similar at Whole Foods or Target if you are living in The States. 
2. Too Faced Primers (Shadow Insurance & Primed and Poreless) : I don't know why I have so many samples of these primers, but will definitely buy a full size product when I get to use them up. The shadow insurance prevents eye shadows from creasing and Primed and Poreless makes it easy to apply foundation. It also does a good job on filling in the pores, so you look flawless.
I am into bronzers in general lately, because I'm slowly losing my tan :(. Let me know if you have a favorite bronzer -
3. The Body Shop Bronzing Powder 01 : If you have light skin tone like me, you will love this bronzer! It's one of those few bronzers that doesn't make you look muddy at all. The staying power is not that great, but gotta love it 'cause it's matte and the packaging is cute :).
4. MAC Mineralize Blush in Happy Together (LE, In the Groove '10) : This is one of the blushes that I had completely forgot that I owned and have fallen back in love within this month. The blush side is a burnt orange kind of color and the highlighter is a gorgeous champagne.
5. MAC e/s in Woodwinked : I thought I couldn't wear this color for the longest time, because it came out too orange on me. But now, I have to say that I kind of can't live without it. Love how it's really pigmented and gives a golden sheen too the eyes.
6. ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Baby Lips : Such a great baby-pink gloss. Super moisturizing (almost better than a lip balm) and lasts for a long time. I purchased the Clarins Lip Perfecter that is quite similar to this one, but happen to like this better. Seriously, why pay for over $20 when this gets the job done for only $1?

.. Swatches ..

7. Pa 09 Lashes : These lashes look flirty and fun, but keeps it natural. I have an EOTD post wearing them here.
8. Chloe Chloe Rollerball : Absolutely lovely perfume. It has a fresh and powdery scent that makes me feel really girly, but kind of annoys me at the same time because every single girl in her 20's is wearing this.
9. My Marc by Marc Jacobs Sun Glasses : I'm not going to lie, I've been really lazy and wearing my yoga pants and these sunnies all over the place during this month, because they go well with each other lol. I am such a lazy person, I know.

What were your August Favorites?


  1. Happy Together looks so cute, such a shame that it's limited edition.

    I still haven't gotten the guts to try fake eyelashes, there's something about the idea of putting glue on my eye and removing it that scares me. Haha. But it's mainly because fake eyelashes is the only part of beauty that I'm seriously clueless in.

    And thanks for reading my August Favourites! (:

  2. Great post Amy! ELF sure makes awesome lip products for only a $1. I like their lip gloss in the squeezy tube called Goddess. It's a pretty close match to MAC's love nectar but without the gold glitter. I should try out Baby lips next :)

  3. Lovely beachy natural favorites :)

  4. Summer is coming up here for us, and I prefer gel consistency moisturisers like that Aloe Vera. It looks so cooling..

    Sadly, I don't have many bronzers. Most that I have tried seem to oxidise and end up looking a tad muddy on me =( But that Body Shop one swatched looks nice and soft! =)

    Awww, bummer they didn't have any of the cream blushes!!

  5. great fav - will definitely check out the bronzer, love the honey comb packaging x

  6. Love ur favourits! Got to go to the Body Shop and check out that bronzer *.*

  7. the makeup looks perfect!
    wish i had it in my collection

    New outfitpost - aztec print

  8. i love that you mix your beauty and fashion favorites to jazz things up. does the aloe gel moisturize well or more for a cooling effect?

  9. Great stuff! :D I am definitely intrigued with the aloe vera moisturizer you're using but I think we don't have those here in the Philippines. :D

  10. I'm backkk!! how was your summer Amy? I've been wanting to buy that Chloe perfume but never bought it. It's true that a lot of people wear it, but i feel like it's not really a unique recognizable scent so I don't really worry about wearing the perfume everyone else is wearing! hehe what's it called...light blue from D&G that scent is totally recognizable!! i love that one cuz it's so fresh smelling but i don't want it cuz everyone has it!

  11. The soothing gel looks interesting and Woodwinked is gorgeous!

  12. The aloe vera moisturizer looks really good!!! :D I wonder if they still have the Body Shop bronzer in stores because I need a nice light one like that! :)

  13. Great favourites, woodwinked is such a gorgeous colour. You've reminded me to go take it out of my palette and start using it :) Love your sunnies!

  14. I've been loving my aloe vera soothing gel too!:D Feels light and smells good!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  15. @ Amy No problem!

    @ TheEmmiFace Thanks Emily I'll make sure to try that out! :)

    @ Dovey :))

    @ PopBlush I went to Sephora yesterday and they still didn't have those blushes wth?? :(

    @ faye lu :)

    @ xin :) You definitely should! xx

    @ mirjam schuurkamp :)

    @ cushy I have to say that I don't really see any cooling effects, but it's a good light weight moisturizer for sure! :)

    @ Myrted I am pretty sure you can get it anywhere ;D you don't really need to buy the exact brand - it's the same thing anyway.

    @ littlelucy Yay! you're back! ^^ My summer was alright-after I came back from Korea, went to several places in California with my bf~ Love D&G light blue, too, but I kind of like Chloe better atm :)

    @ G A B Y :)

    @ Rainy Days and Lattes I went to the body shop recently and they still had it! :)

    @ Fables in Fashion Thanks~ I love them too :p

    @ Marie :) don't you love the scent? <3

  16. Hey hun,

    Are they just out of stock of that blush or they don't have it at all? =/

    Regarding the St. Ive's clay mask, I really like the tightening feeling it gives me when it dries. My skin seems to feel really soft after I wash the mask off as well =)

  17. @ PopBlush I think they don't have it at all at my nearest Sephora ㅠㅠ I looked up at their website and they only had one which is the reddish orange kind of color.. I'm going to try bloomingdales and saks when I have time hehe
    and thanks for the short review sweets! :))) xx

  18. the bronzer and blush looks very lovely.
    I've been looking at that body shop bronzer... maybe next summer :)