Monday, April 18, 2011

Review : Benefit B.Right Skincare

 Hi Girlies <3 So Sephora was giving out Benefit's new skin care samples for the VIBs and I can't believe I totally missed out! I read the email talking about this opportunity and then simply forgot about it!! Ugh how can I be more stupid, right??!!! I've been wanting to try them for the longest time and lost the chance like that :(.  However, not too long after, I found this cute set at Macy's by accident. I think I was going to the gym at my mall or something and they just caught my eye :D. This set includes an exfoliator, a cream, and an emulsion and it was only $12. I wanted to try their cleanser, too, but I guess these are good for now. 
Refined Finish Facial Polish, Total moisture Facial Cream, Triple Performing Facial Emulsion
here are the sample size products that I purchased(above), 
the full size looks like this (below) : 
packaging is too pretty to pass up, right? 
 I used all three products for a couple of weeks now, and I'm sooo sad to say that I'm a bit disappointed :(. I love Benefit and they are decent skin care products for sure, but not as good as what I've tried currently (Origins, SK-II, O HUI, Lush, EM, etc). 

1. B. Right Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF 15 PA++
 I think this is good day time moisturizer. It's light weight with a watery consistency and contains SPF 15 (not much, but better than none!). Easy to spread out and makes the skin soft and healthy. I don't know if the "exclusive tri-radiance complex" really helps like Benefit claims, but I can say it does a pretty good job on hydrating the skin without making it greasy. But again, I don't think it is anything special. My Origins 'Make a Difference' can do the same or better job in so many ways. What really turns me off is the scent tho - It's like a cucumber kind of scent - not the real cucumber, but like one of those Dove Go Fresh cucumber kind of scent, but worse. I think it's very strong in a bad way and don't know why Benefit would choose something like this :(.  Overall : 3/5

2. B. Right Total Moisture Facial Cream
 This is my favorite among the three. It's a very thick but smooth cream that really helps the driest areas. I only use a tiny tiny bit tho, because even a pea size amount can be too much (I have combination skin). The scent is the same with the emulsion. Really disappointing :(. I wouldn't recommend it to the people who have oily skin, since the moisturizer can make the face very shiny. Overall : 3.5/5

3. B. Right Refined Finish Facial Polish
 One word to describe this scrub - HARSH. It hurts my face and I wouldn't repurchase this in any condition. After washing it off, the face feels really clean, tho. I also believe it's supposed to brighten the complexion  as well, but I don't see my face getting any brighter. If I were to spend money on a scrub, I would recommend Origins' Modern Friction (great for brightening) or St. Ives instead. *all of these products share the same scent* Overall 2/5

so that was it for today- Hope you have a great week :D


  1. I've been reading a bunch of reviews on this line, I'm glad I didn't go and splurge without thinking. Do you know of any skincare that will help dark spots?

  2. @ Valerie Zhang For dark spots, I use Tonymoly's Brightening Pack! It's the only one that really does what it says. I'm currently testing out Clinique's Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector.. I'll let you know what I think later on :)

  3. Hmmm I use to be such a big benefit fan but over the years my love for them has decreased and I don't think I would have been keen on their Skincare range but thanks for such an honest review sweetie!!! x x

  4. OMGGGGG this packaging is so pretty!!! i'm so totally a sucker for pretty packaging.. and this is so pretty!!!!!! although it's a bummer that you didn't like the products that much.. i find that's often the case with pretty packaging.. the products don't work as well :(

  5. I love the packaging more than anything. I'm wayy to picky about skincare so i never trust big brands...Omgsh, I can't believe you use facial scrubs! They're just painful!

  6. @littlelucy haha yeah I do use facial scrubs- I know it's not good for your skin and stuff, but I tend to break out if I don't exfoliate once in a while

  7. ouch! doesn't sound like a product i can use since i have oily skin. my wallet is safe :)