Monday, April 18, 2011

Rave and Review : Benefit Instant Brow Pencil (in Medium)

As promised, I have a review of the best brow pencil in the world for you :D I have been looking for something like this for the longest time and think I finally found it. Mine is in Medium, this pencil comes in three colors :  light, medium, and dark. I'm planning to buy the dark one as well.
Love the packaging! Super cute! :)
What is it ? Basically a tinted wax in a pencil form. One side is the actual pencil and the other is a brush.
Texture? Very creamy and soft. Not a hard pencil at all. 
What does it do ? Fills in the brow very naturally like a powder, but gives definition at the same time. It's like a powder-like-pencil I guess... Love how it still manages to keep the hair in place, because it is a wax. I've tried MAC's Pencil that is exactly like this, but unfortunately didn't match my hair color.
Staying Power ? Excellent! Stays all day long, I don't need to touch up.
Color ? Medium brown, a little bit on the warm side. I'm using this color because I dyed my hair. My natural hair color is black.
What is the brush like ? It's pretty hard and scratchy, but I don't mind that much.
Overall ? I'm in love!!! I have tons of brow products and I only use this!! Two thumbs up 5/5.


  1. Love that it keeps the hair in place. I'm using a powder right now, but would like to try this pencil if it's as creamy as you say.

  2. I've swatched this a while back on the back of my hand and tried to wipe it off it did not budge! That's what got me thinkin about this product.. I use an eye shadow from bobbi brown for my brows.. And I love it.. But I'm looking for something waxy to keep my brows in shape all day..

    I'll try this on my brows next time i'm near a benefit counter for sure!

    Thanks so much for the review =)

  3. thanks for the swatch, think i would like this product a lot,

  4. It seems like a nice product! I think I'm going to give this a try. ^^

  5. awesome find gurl! If only Benefit isn't so pricey here in Phils. I'd give this a try without a doubt!

  6. I've heard lots of good things about this brow pencil. My friend has one and I was doing her makeup one time and I just remember thinking how the brush really made this brow pencil work. Brushing the pencil out made my friend's browless brows look very natural.

  7. I too keep hearing about how amazing it is. Is it such a significant difference that its worth shelling out almost $20 for? I've been pretty happy with my N.Y.C. powder but I am a brow nOOb.

  8. @ Wish I Was Audrey For me, I think it is worth $20, because it's the only one that works for me ! I have somewhat bushy brows and I need them to stay in place all day long.

  9. hands down one of my all time fav brow pencils . so soft and natural looking. new follower x