Sunday, April 24, 2011

OOTD : Easy Sunday

Hi Ladies!
Thought I haven't done an Outfit Of The Day in while, so I did a real quick one with my Macbook. I cut them out in Photoshop cuz I wanted them in a single image. Sorry if they look messy, I'm just so lazy to clean them up haha. The shoes I'm wearing are my current obsession btw!! Think they are really cute and COMFORTABLE although they are 4.7 inches (12cm) tall. 
Hat : Urban Outfitters
T-Shirt : J. Crew
Necklace : Tiffany & Co.
Skirt : Hollister
Shoes : Aldo


  1. Very cute. I like the shows alot!!

  2. The outfit looks super comfy and screams warm weather XD

  3. This is super super cute! Love it!

  4. This is so adorable! love your shoes!

  5. @ Valerie Zhang Thanks hun

    @ Gloria Yeah I guess it's pretty warm here but only for a few hours :( it gets really cold and windy during the evening. Hope summer comes soon cause SF summers are fantastic. It never gets too hot :)

    @Amy Thank you :)

    @ Rainy Days and Lattes :p

    @ Gretch TM thankyou <3

  6. love the shoes! they are so cute :) i'm only five one myself so i looooove comfortable platforms :))))

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  7. I love the green top and the shoes! super cute!

  8. @ KeC thanks I will :D

    @ Hollie thanks :) the green top was less than $10 !

  9. I really like your outfit~ So nice and casual!
    I like your hair too, nice and long~ What hair dye colour is that?

  10. @ PopBlush aww thanks :) I think I used L'oreal Excellence Creme 9RB Light Reddish Blond.. Not really sure about the color ( I always go for warm blonde tho), but I always use the Excellence Creme because it's easy to apply. It's in a creamy consistency so it doesn't drip and the applicator is like a brush. Hope this is helpful :D

  11. amy your outfit is super cute! :) those wedges are killer!!

    oh about bonchon.. honestly.. haha it wasn't all that.. i mean i'm glad i tried it because i'd heard so much about it from my friends on the east coast.. but i just thought it was alright.. i think santung is SOOOOO much better!

  12. @ Lisa Oh icic... will try santung instead thanks for the heads up :D

  13. These wedges are simply amazing! :D
    What a cute outfit! ^^

  14. I love those shoes!
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  15. Ooh, those are really cute. I really like tall wedges and your military colored shirt is very cute. Nice blog

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