Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Stuff : Urban Outfitters, Lush, and Crossroads

Hi Girls!
Hope you are having a great weekend!!
It was really really sunny and pretty here in NorCal,
so I had a nice lunch/date with the bf outside ^^.

Today I have a baby haul for you-
I haven't been shopping much,
since I am nearly broke right now T^T... (due to BFF's B-Day and a broken car),
 but here are the stuff I recently picked up.
Hope you enjoy <3

First, I got these booties from Urban Outfitters.
I've been looking for a nice pair of boots that I can wear every day
 and I think these are perfect!
and then,
of course I went to Lush and picked up another toner and a mask.
boring huh? but I love them :)
and last but not the least,
I found this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag at Crossroads!!!!!
for only $37.50!
I have to admit it's not my favorite design, 
but I had to get it since 
one, it was really cheap
 two, it is light and spacey
which means it is a perfect school bag!
what do you guys think?
Have you found any thing interesting at the thrift store recently?



  1. Those boots are really cute! Awesome find on the purse. I want to go shopping too. haha!

  2. I'm quite jealous at the moment because:

    1) You had sunny weather
    2) You bought awesome shoes
    3) You get to go shopping

    jk, but not really ;)

  3. Great finds! I would love to see you feature the boots in an outfit of the day :) I wish I could buy shoes at urban, but my feet are too small. Boo. ~Emily

  4. I love those booties! I've been on the hunt for a nice pair of high quality military/vintage boots. Are they comfortable? What do the bottoms look like? I'm just curious if it has friction or not. I used to use Lush's Breath of Fresh Air as a toner too! I worked there for a while so I've tried all of their things.

  5. Hi Lucy^^ I wore the boots for a few days and I think they are pretty comfortable. They also have friction on the bottom-

  6. OMG Emily you must have really small feet! what size are you? I have pretty big feet for 5'4" girl, so I always wanted to have small feet hehe

  7. wow amy congrats on your new haul!

    i can't believe you scored that M by MJ bag for less than $40 bucks that's insane!!

  8. I do have tiny feet! I'm only a size 4-5 in womens, so it's hard finding shoes :(

  9. What a fun find... :) lucky girl.

    xx Love & Aloha
    Swing by to enter my Orient Watch Giveaway!

  10. Those are the prefect boots!! So cute too. & I am jealous of your bag. Gosh, you have really great buys!