Thursday, January 27, 2011

NOTD, Hime Gyaru Style Ring

Today's Nail Of The Day is TonyMoly's Lilac PP05 with Diamond SP01 on top. If you don't know about this company (TonyMoly), you should definitely check it out. To me, it's like Canmake (Japanese drug store brand) and MAC had a baby. They have tons of cool stuff including skin care, makeup, tools, nail polish, etc (in a very low price!).

So, back to the NOTD,
Lilac PP05 is THE perfect purple for me. It's not too dark or too light and it has subtle shimmers in it.  The formula is very thick and opaque, so you only need 1 coat to get this result. However, the brush is so terrible, it makes it really hard to apply. Unless you work it really quickly you will end up getting streaks. But again, it was only like $2.
On the other hand, Diamond SP01 was around $3 and the brush is so much better. I'm loving this clear nail polish with small glitters, because it makes any nail polish look super cute.

The shimmers don't show up in the picture that much, but is very sparkly in person.

With this nail polish, I'm wearing this Hime Gyaru style ring that I made. I think it's really cute and fun looking  :)

hope you liked this-
 feel free to leave a comment, if you have any questions :)