Monday, February 6, 2012

What's in My Shower

Hi Everyone, long time no blog..! Yes, I am a terrible blogger right now and I am fully aware...T^T. I'm sososososo sorrry. Anyway, I'm back and I thought I would do a 'what's in my shower' post for those who are nosey like me. I don't have anything fancy here, just the usual things, but here it is anyways. Hope you enjoy :).

Pantene Ice Shine Shampoo : I've been using this shampoo for like 2 weeks now and I would say it's not the best shampoo in the world, but it works. Smells pleasant and doesn't dry out. 3/5
John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Moisturizing Conditioner : This is a really nice conditioner, but I wouldn't repurchase it, because I don't see this product doing magical things with 'color' like it says. The scent is kinda too strong for my taste as well. 3/5

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Body Wash : If you have been reading my blog, you know I love the scent of the 'Bombshell' line. It's not as amazing as the body spray, but it still smells delicious and makes me happy. The only down side is the price tag - think it was almost $30. 3.5/5 
Lush Happy Hippy Shower Gel : This grapefruit scented body wash is just AMAZING. It's very refreshing and feels great in hot showers. 5/5
St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Wash (travel size) : I really love this body wash, because it's very moisturizing. Leaves my skin so soft and healthy :). 5/5
Lush Buffy Body Butter : This is the most recent addition to my shower shelf and I love this thing so much. It's like a scrub and a body butter all in one and it smells like flowers. I'm giving four stars just because I feel like it's a bit messy. 4/5

Lancome Mousse Radiance Cleanser : Love this mousse type cleanser, it feels luxurious on the skin and cleanses very -very- well. My bf loves it, too. 5/5
SkinCeuticals Micro-Exfoliating Scrub : I use this guy every other day and it works great! The beads are very very small, hence the name, and they gently exfoliate the skin. It doesn't have a particular scent so I think it'll be great for people who have sensitive skin. 5/5

And that's it! I forgot to take a picture of my Venus razor and shower puff, but I'm sure you know how they look like.
What do you have in your shower? Any recommendations?


  1. Awesome post! I think I might do one too, cuz I have too much to say about the things in my shower haha.
    My recommendation would be the lush almond & coconut shower smoothie, it smells sooooo yummy and feels so nice, but I'm so sad cuz they're discontinuing it D:

  2. Thanks for the recommendation Amy :) Def will try it out (if I can haha) xx

  3. i love john frieda brilliant brunette lines. too bad it didn't agree with you. i like its smell better than its performance. lol
    i'd like to try VS bombshell products. the bottle looks too cute. :)

  4. Funny how we're totally opposite lol
    and love the VS packaging, too hehe I think it looks even cuter on my caddy

  5. I love reading the 'what's in my shower' post =) i wish we had VS in my town .. >_< but we do have lush and that Hippy shower gel sounds ahhhmazing.

    1. Yes it's ahhhmazing!!! Looking at this post I want to get another one, but I have too many shower gels to use up :(