Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Review : Sana Super Quick Gloss Concealer Ex 02 (Baby Pink)

 Hey Girls! I'm back with another review today~ Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been busy as a bee lately. I don't even know how a whole week flew by without blogging :p. My apologies to you! Good news is tho, I ordered some great items online, so you will be seeing a haul in the near future :). Hope everybody is doing well & Talk to you soon! xx
1. What is it ? It's a lipgloss and concealer (nude lipstick) in one.
2. Color ? Pinky-nude which is my favorite. It comes in two colors - Baby Pink(02) and Natural Beige (01).
3. Scent/Taste ? It doesn't have a scent or a taste!! Not even a 'No-scent' scent.
4. Texture ? It's pretty thick and goopy. However, I don't find this lipgloss very sticky. It's definitely stickier than ELF glosses but way less stickier than MAC's lip glasses. I do get 1-2 pieces of hair stuck on my lips when it's windy.
5. Pros ?
- Very Opaque. Just one stroke covers up all of the flaws. It's buildable as well.
- Very Moisturizing - it feels almost like a treatment.
- Lasts for about 4 hours with drinking coffee.
- Color is beautiful and gives a jelly-like finish.
- Sanitary because it's in a tube.
- Contains collagen.
6. Cons ?
- A little bit sticky - I wish it wasn't sticky at all (like the ELF glosses or the Clarins Lip Perfecter).
- A little bit expensive for a drugstore product.
7. Packaging ? 4/5. It's pretty cute and clean. That is all.
8. Value ? I paid $14.99 at a Japanese super market. Like I said, I think it's a bit expensive for a drugstore product, but again the quality is better than some high-end products, so I guess it's not that bad.
9. Overall Rating ? 4/5. I love this lipgloss, it's like a lipgloss + lipstick + treatment all in one. It's easy and quick to use and the color is soooo pretty! Would recommend it to any one who likes nude lippies.

This is one coat, but you can definitely build it up.


  1. wow interesting product! It looks amazing on your lips! I might have to try it sometime. Thanks for sharing! :)

    xo andrea

  2. !? A lip gloss and concealer in one? It does look quite pretty!

  3. really pretty!! i always see these sold in the asian markets around here. it's really opaque on your lips. yeah i hate sticky glosses too though. esp when the wind blows & then u get a mouthfull of hair LOL

  4. i like it on your lips! its very pretty! shame that it's a bit too thick but i suppose most pigmented lippies consistency are rather on the goopy side. :/

  5. The shade is so pretty on you. Bummer that I don't like sticky lipgloss =(

  6. this can be a lip primer or by itself. great haul :)

  7. love the colour on your lips! very pretty :)