Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Storage for the Falsies

Hey Everyone,
 Since reading Popblush's blog post on lash storage/container, I was slightly obsessed to get my own one. However, it wasn't easy to get something as cute as hers. So I kind of gave up and forgot about it... And then, yesterday I went to a Japanese dollar store and randomly found this! It was $1.50 and perfect! Now I can throw away all of my boxes :).


  1. Oh~~ Your's is so much more functional, made for lashes, SO affordable AND PINK~ That is such a good find! I'm going to have to fly to where you got this.

    I think I will be obsessing over yours now. LOL.

  2. It look great O__O"
    I need to hunt for one soon.. my lashes are currently bundled up and mixed together.. in a gachapon ball haha T___T;;

  3. Oh my, I want this! I'm so hunting for that now. It's very convenient and functional, just what I need. I just hope I can find something similar to this and throw away the falsies boxes too..hehe

  4. I love the way you take pictures Amy! :D This one is too cute! :D

  5. such a cute case :) I've never tries false eyelashes :)


    Fashion Fractions

  6. This is also super cute! I really need to find myself one of these :)

  7. that is sooooo cheap~~~omg~~~i want one too...but i have way to many pairs of falsies


  8. I want one of these boxes too. Maybe I should start to shop at Daiso to see if they've got similar ones. My individual falsies boxes are taking up lots of space.

  9. @ PopBlush LOL I'm thinking of going to the store today and buy a few more for the next giveaway since you and a lot of people like this :D

    @ Jen Haha I know what you are talking about~

    @ Hollie Hope you find one soon! But also stay tuned for the next giveaway. I dunno if there are going to be any left by now but I'm going to try to include this item since a lot of ppl like it :D

    @ Ik Aww thanks girl! xx

    @ Neris / Fashion Fractions You should try them!! They totally transform the look! :)

    @ Joanne :D Hope you find one soon~ maybe an even cuter one!

    @ Jessy Great deal huh and lol for having too many lashes~

  10. @ Jo I am pretty sure that Daiso will have one too~ happy hunting :)

  11. i want something like this! shall go to a jap shop in search for one haha! thanks for posting this amy! :)

  12. @ sugar sugar no problem ^^