Monday, July 4, 2011

Haul : Duty Free and The Body Shop

Hi Ladies~ :)
So how can you go on a trip without doing some duty free shopping, right? Personally, it's my favorite part of all, but only if I had more money... sigh... Here is my *very restrained* haul for you haha. Oh and I added two more things from The Body Shop just in case you wondered ;).
1. CLARINS Whitening Repairing Night Cream
I think it's called the 'Brightening Repairing Night Cream' or whatever in the States... guess this is for Asian countries, since 'Whitening (화이트닝)' is very popular over there. Basically they are the same thing, but with different names. Besides the confusing naming system, this works wonders! Super moisturizing and not too thick.
2. O HUI Intensive Sunblock Cake
This is a back up. I have been using this since I was 20, and it's my best friend in the summer time :). I tried several sun screen products, but this is the only one that doesn't make me look greasy. I can tell you now that it does give a white cast, but I don't mind that much, since I apply it on my neck and chest as well.
3. ANNA SUI Mini Rouge in 303
I always loved Anna Sui's lip products, because they are very moisturizing. Not to mention the amazing rose scent! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

4. Grapeseed Glossing Serum
I used to use this hair serum when I was in high school and kind of wanted to try it again for some reason. It's not the best one in the world, but it works and smells amazing. Plus, I think it was only $12.
5. Olive Body Scrub
This is my second tub and I love this, because the scent is not too over powering. Also, It's not too harsh or smooth to the skin.

Hope you enjoyed :) and Happy 4th of July!


  1. i have the olive scrub~~~its super good~~~i wanna try O hui product too, i heard their skin care is really good....but i haven't seen any store in Canada that carries the brand...even in Korean own shops..


  2. ARGH I was in the States this week-end and completely forgot to check the duty free!!!

  3. How does the sunblock cake work? Is it like a powder. I think a powder sunscreen would work so well, then you could reapply sunscreen as you touch up.

  4. love your haul. you're right about shopping in duty free :)

  5. @ Jessy I know! It's a bummer how they don't have a shop over here. I am seriously considering to wright a letter to O HUI (LG) to make a shop over here in North America!!!

    @ GABY No way! :(

    @ Valerie Zhang I'm sorry it's not like a powder. It's actually a thick cream, but I know that O HUI has this in a powder form as well.

    @ cushy Thanks hehe

  6. Nice! I'm so curious about the sunscreen for your neck and chest. Can you do a review on it? Is it like a compact? lol

  7. Nice haul~ l love Anna Sui packaging~

  8. nice picks! love the anna sui shade you got!

  9. products do change names don't they? even kiehl's products have different names here and in america.

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