Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pics From Korea 1

Hi Girlies~!
 I'm finally finally back! I missed you guys & the whole blog world soooooo much! For the ones who are new to my blog, -welcome! and just to let you know- I was in Korea for about a month and man did I have fun over there. I lived in Korea for quite a long time and I go over there at least once a year for vacation, but this time I think it was extra extra fun. Maybe it's because I did more shopping and eating haha :D. So here is my offering to you- sorry that they are all phone pics, I know, I'm the laziest person in the world.
@ Gwanghwamun (광화문)
This is one of the old gates that shows the long history of Seoul as a capital city. I used to go to high school near this area, so it was nice to be back and sink into memories. 
View from my window (@ my Korean home)
Seoul is so much different from where I live now, but I love both places equally.
Korean bus - totally random pic
just wanted to show you haha
another random pic @ Coffee Bean
I feel like everything is slightly smaller in Asia, or is it just me?
OOTD & New hair-do : 
H&M dress and belt, UO sweater, Longchamp bag, and shoes from Korea
@ Cafe Bene 
I missed honey breads so much!!
Shopping @ itaewon (이태원)
Passion 5 Bakery @ hangangjin (한강진역)
LOVE this bakery!
Hanging out with my BFFs @ Shilla Hotel (신라 호텔)
I'm the one in the blue!
My friend turned 26! Yay!
We got this adorable cake at Passion 5.
@ Shilla Hotel
I think one of the girls in the Samsung family had a wedding here (on the day we were there, oops).
everything from Korea
@ Seventh Wave Cafe
This is one of the traditional Korean desserts - red beans over shaved ice (팥빙수)
w/ my lovely friend @ Una restaurant (@ itaewon 이태원)
I miss her already!
@ cafe Mozart (예술의 전당)
food @ cafe Mozart
DeuxCreme @ Shinsa (신사동 가로수길)
this place makes incredible fruit tarts, but think it's really over-priced. Seriously, you would need $100 to buy the whole tart. 
they ARE good tho...
Shopping @ Shinsa (신사동 가로수길)
cute ring <3
more shopping..
and more shopping...

Stay tuned for Part 2!


  1. There are so many great pictures, but I cant stop staring at the amzing honey bread!! :9 YUMMY! Want one too! ;)

  2. Welcome back Amy!! were away for a long lucky are ya :-P
    Love your new hair and the outfit :-) I've never been to korea but I heard the shopping there is fantastic!

  3. Welcome back to the blog, lady! That Passion 5 cake looks totally insane...awesome!

    And I love your little H&M dress :)

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  4. Cant wait for part two. I think Korea is an amazing country and defo on my list on countries I'll visit before I die. =)
    I'm following. Maybe you'll stop by me someday.


  5. welcome back! love your outfits. i agree some things seem to be smaller in asia haha! :)

  6. I wish there was someone to take me to take me places to eat delicious food when I was there >.< I only had all the tourist-y things because I don't know how/what to order haha

  7. Awww Korea is soooo fun. I wanna go back on a holiday!

    I love all your outfits babe. You are so slim! *jealous* hehe

  8. seeing your photos make me wanna visit seoul again.

  9. i luv that maxi skirt~~~i wanna go to korea too~~~seem like such a beautiful place to be~~~