Thursday, May 26, 2011

Long Time

Hi Everyone^^
Sorry I have been incredibley MIA!!! I was super busy with finals and then got sick :(. I know it's totally random, but I'm in S.Korea at the moment, so will be back with a haul very soon haha. Let me know if there are any must-have-products I should buy during the trip!



  1. oh sorry to hear that. I hope you are well now. South Korea so exciting! You should check out Etude House Products there.

  2. Have good food.
    South Korea is one of the places I want to visit the most

  3. Definitely all the skincare! :) Enjoy!!

  4. it happens to the best of us. good luck with everything. if you get a free second would love if you could stop by and check out my latest post. xoxo
    For all the latest celebrity fashion news.

  5. Oh, hope that you are feeling better now! :)
    You are so lucky! I would love to go on a trip there. Make sure to take a lot of photos to show us. ^-^
    You should check Etude House!

  6. Lucky! Have a great time!! Stock up on skincare (face sheet masks, peel off masks, softeners, creams), and makeup/nail polishes.. actually, just get everything. lol.

  7. Oh~ I hope you're having fun in Korea!! Can't wait to see your haul!

  8. You're in Korea? Oh my! How I wish I'm there atm :) Check the skincares! ^^ Followed you. Will you check out mine? :)