Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Favorites

Hi Everyone! ^0^
I hate to say this every month, but I can't believe it's that time again for the monthly favorites. 2011 is truly going fast. This month, I've been using the same products over and over again and these are them. As you can see, I've been loving COR~ALS~ . So, let's get right in to it!
1. Giorgio Armani Face Fabric in 02
I love this foundation! It's super light weight, but still manages to even out the skin tone very well.  This product doesn't give a ton of coverage by any means, but makes you look polished. It has the same kind of consistency as Benefit's Some Kind-A Gorgeous (cream to powder finish), but think it matches my skin tone way better. Also, this smells really good! It reminds me of baby lotion or baby shampoo, but much more subtle.
2. MUFE HD Powder
I go back and forth to this powder, because no matter how much I love it, it can make me look like a ghost time by time. This month, I've been using it pretty much everyday and learned to use it very sparingly. The key is not to use a huge kabuki brush, but a small contour brush. That way you can apply it very lightly only where you want it to be.
3. MAC Cremeblend Blush in Something Special
I hated this blush when I first got it, because for some reason I didn't think it was very special (haha bad joke.. but I couldn't resist). However, the second time I used it, I couldn't stop looking at the mirror lol. I love how it gives a natural flush and blends really well. I would say the color is a very similar to Nars Deep Throat, but without shimmer. Can you believe this was the only blush I used for almost 3 weeks straight ? I can't.
4. Mac e/s in Satin Taupe and Mulch
These guys were in my March Favorites, so I'm not going to talk about them very much, but I've been only using these two for the whole month. Satin Taupe all over the lid and Mulch in the crease and lower lash line. They are both lovely colors :).
5. Lip Combo in MAC's Myth and Ever Hip (LE, Liberty of London, 2010)
I think the pictures are pretty self explanatory - agian, loving the corals. And of course, you know I love my Myth lipstick :). 
6. Benefit High Beam
I remember having the full size some time ago and I hated it so much that I threw it away. This mini size sample was in one of those try out kits and I didn't care about it so much. Two weeks ago, I tried it on my nose and cheekbones and I fell in love! That is probably why you shouldn't be throwing out your make up before it expires I guess... Anyway, this is a really pretty pearl with a hint of pink highlighter. Would recommend it to anyone!
7. Benefit Instant Brow Pencil
review here.
8. MAC Pencil in I Get No Kick (LE, Cham-Pale, 2010)
Love this pencil for the water line and inner corner. It makes my eyes look bigger and the color is gorg!!!!  I wish this was part of the permanent collection, because they don't have a bright colored pencil anyway. I love MAC, but sometimes I just don't understand...
9. TonyMoly Party Lover Gel Eyeliner in #2 Brown
This gel liner is by far the best. If you saw my haul, I currently bought Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner and think this is even better than that. It is very smooth when applying, but once it dries up, it doesn't move at all. Great for the price, too, because I think it was less than $5 (KRW 6,000).

That was it for makeup and here are my random ones :D

10. Trader Joe's Dairy- Free Mochi
It is no secret that I love coconuts, right? This Mochi ice cream is made out of coconut milk and has been my dessert for the whole month. At first, I thought it was a bit weird, because the mochi part was a bit rubbery (if that's the right word..), but that's why I'm so hooked as well. 
11. TOMS Red Canvas Women's Classics
So comfy and light. I was really skeptical about these shoes, because they didn't seem worth 40 something dollars. One day my friend gave me a pair and all of my doubts disappeared. If you haven't, you should really try them out, they're for a good cause anyway :).
image from
12. My Aldo Wedges
These are LOVE! I got tons of complements from random people on the street. OOTD post with them here.
image from
Phew! that was a lot!
Thanks for stopping by <3
'Til next time ;)


  1. Your aldo wedges are adorable. I'm also loving the lip colors!

  2. WOW is it May already??? where has the year gone? Great April Favs - satin taupe and mulch look great together x

  3. Corals are gorgeous! I love your lip combo!! Myth is a must check out for me now! :)

    I cannot believe April came and went so fast too!

  4. great post...
    i love your april favorites...
    i wish i could try the Benefit Instant Brow Pencil

  5. I love corals and I've already seen it worn a lot this Spring (what has been of Spring so far anyways). And your Aldo wedges :O they look so awesome.

  6. who doesnt love coral~~~i got the benfit-tints minis and i luv a good highliter~~~
    ive heard alot of good things about GA foundation, they are a bit pricey, but evryone's being raving about them that makes me really wanna try them out

  7. So pretty! My favorite colors for spring are all corals (especially the blushes) - also love the wedges you got! Just followed your blog :)

  8. I really like your favourites~ They are all items that I would constantly use too :D
    I also have the same Tony Moly eyeliner and I like the texture and finish it gives me. Also, love that its brown and looks natural~

  9. SUCH great favourites. I love everything! TOMS are my favourite shoes-so comfortable, your eyeshadows, your blush! Everything is gorgeous! I would kill for that champagne coloured pencil for the waterline. I can't seem to find anything like it in MAC anymore. I might have to go for Naked Lipliner for the waterline, but something more champagne coloured would be much, much better!

  10. Omgosh the packaging on the lipstick is so pretty!!

    Those wedges are HOT!

    Use the MfHD powder too and I use a iffy bitty amount too otherwise it does go on really white.

  11. The Aldo Wedges are amazing !

  12. I also love the MUFE HD Powder. I feel the exact same way, we have to be extremely careful while applying it, otherwise we'll look like ghosts! ^-^

  13. I really wanna try deep throat but I'm not a huge fan of a lot of shimmer, so I might try that blush, cuz I love MAC's cream blushes. I really want to get mulch, now I know what I can wear with my satin taupe, and I love my benefit high beam as well! I really wanted the I get no kick eye kohl, sooooo annoying that it's limited edition.

  14. Something Special is goooorgeous! Really wanna get my hands on it!

    I feel you on the MUFE HD Powder.. It scares me but I keep going back to it coz of the lovely finish it gives..

    And mulch is one of my favourite ever eye shadows.. It's just so beautiful!

    Awesome favs hun!

  15. I really love creme blushes this time of year. Love your list of favorites! :)

  16. Ah! I LOVE TJ's dairy free mochi too! Sooo yum, and nice to my stomach too! :)

  17. Nice favorites, I love High Beam too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  18. got the toms shoes in red. MUFE powder does make one looks ghostly.

  19. Hi Amy!! I absolutely love the coconut milk mochi too and your post, google is great! Did you know Trader Joe's is discontinuing the Dairy-Free Coconut Milk Mochi? I wrote and they confirmed it but it's fairly recent. I started a petition to possibly help bring it back since it's soooo good and as someone who doesn't have dairy, it's the best thing ever. You can add to as well as feel free to share the link. Thanks Amy!