Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birthday Haul and Some Pics...

Hi Girls :)

As you all know my birthday was on March 19th, and I truly had a wonderful time.
Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes :D
Now looking at the pictures, I wish I took more of'em tho... guess I was too busy eating and drinking :p
So, in the morning 
my bf surprised me with my favorite cupcakes (Love at First Bite) and flowers :). 
If you live in the Bay Area, you really need to try these cupcakes! 
They're not the prettiest cupcakes in the world, but are THE MOST delicious ones.
My favorites are the chocolate coconut and green tea.
My sister also got me a huge cake, but it didn't make it to the pictures :p.

Then, of course I went to Sephora and Bloomingdale's and got more makeup lol. 
(from left to right) 
Philosoohy Birthday Shower gel (birthday gift from sephora),
Georgio Armani Face Fabric in 02,
Nar blush in Deep Throat,
Paco Rabanne Lady Million Perfume (100 point perk)
Benfit Instant Brow Pencil

And for my Birthday diner, 
my bf and I went to one of my favorite French restaurants in San Francisco called Chouquet's.
I love this place for the friendly environment and delicious food.
Also, I don't have any pictures here, but this place makes the best Kir (appitizer cocktail) in the city.
Here is a picture of the food- I had chicken and he had lamb.
as you can see I am already eating, so my bf took the picture for me lol.
and of course we totally forgot to take pictures of the desert :o.
I guess we have to really work on that part...
And last but not the least,
My B-Day present!!!
I've been wanting this necklace since it came out, and he got it for me  *yay* :D
*So happpy*
Thanks babe- I'm going to wear it everyday-



  1. Ah everything looks so awesome and the necklace is just adorable ^-^ What a nice guy haha

  2. Seems like you had a lovely birthday! I'm glad :) Those cupcakes look deliciousss ~Emily

  3. Aww...your boyfriend is so sweet. That is a gorgeous necklace!

  4. All the yummy food and great presents! You lucky gal :)

    Yeah, Majo Majo always have pretty packaging :)

  5. Wow you and my son have the same birthday! cool! Belated happy birthday to you.

  6. Yumm! Those cupcakes looks delicious! It sounds like you had a fantastic birthday. What a lucky girl you are :)

    <3 kris&kel

  7. mmm delicious cupcakes and lovely products! I really like your blog! :)

  8. omg i'm so DUMB i didn't realize you were from the bay area too amy!! omg!! haha we should do a bay area blogger meet up or something sometime :)

    yumm i'm going to have to try that cupcake place!!

    awww that is so sweet of your bf :) the locket is so pretty! can't wait to see it on you!

  9. @ Lisa that'll be so fun :D:D

  10. that necklace is gorgeous! I want a Tiffany necklace as well:)

  11. Hi amy! thanks for checking out my blog, your page is adorable as well!! are you from san francisco? i am from the bay too, san jose! happy belated birthday :) <3

  12. Thanks Sam! No I'm not from SF, I'm from the east bay ^^

  13. You're from the East Bay?? :) pretty close to me.. I'm in San Jose :p those cupcakes look divine! They are beautiful :) the necklace is timeless :)

  14. thanks Jen ^^ and wow so many bloggers living in the bay area!! we should really do a blogger meet up some day :D

  15. Yep! :) I think that'll be an awesome idea!