Monday, February 21, 2011

Review : EOS Max Pure Brown Lens

Hi Hi :)

As you all know, I purchased a pair of circle lenses last week & I wanted to do a review for you guys, because I love them so much! 
I ordered these lenses from and was really surprised with their fast shipping. Can you believe it only took 2 days for $3.75!! Cool, right? 

Anyway, here are the details of the product and a picture of how they came in.

Usage Modality: Yearly
BC: 8.6 mm
DIA: 14.5 mm
Water content: 38%
Approved and Certified by: KF&D Administration

and of course, they came with a free container-
I like how it is not animal shaped or anything crazy.

Here is a close-up. When you look at them, they look like they're going to be crazy light, but they actually look very natural on the eye (I have dark brown eyes, btw).
Most people don't even notice, so it's perfect for everyday wear :D.

What I like about these lenses :
- super comfortable, you can't even feel them.
- the pattern blends in nicely with the eye.
- they don't give you the cookie monster effect (not following the eye and looking creepy)
 when you're rolling around your eyes.
- great at enlarging (almost too big that sometimes I feel like I look like an alien lol 
but again, I have very small eyes).

Here are some more pictures I took for you-
As you can see, they look really natural, but dreamier than my real eyes.

without flash
with flash
Here is a comparison. They are HUGE, aren't they?

Overall, I am very happy with these lenses, 
although I was hoping the color to be a tinge lighter.
I would recommend them to anybody who is looking for a natural looking circle lens.

Hope this was helpful ;)


  1. Hi Amy,

    you have lovely eyes! U should try 16mm lens out!


  2. They are so natural looking <3 Still have not had the guts to try circle lenses (from a non-contacts wearer) >.<

  3. @renee thanks- n oh wow I didn't know that 16mm lenses even exist haha. I have to try them out asap! thanks for the recommendation :)

    @Gloria It took me a while, too lol but you know what? I think they will look really good on you since you have big eyes <3

  4. So natural and gorgeous!
    XOXO from a new follower!

  5. Wow, these are pretty crazy. I've never seen anyone wear them in real life!

  6. WOAH they look amazing! I think I wanna try these out!

  7. WOW they look amazing! I saw them once on a youtube video but I've never found out where to get them from yet. They totally make your eyes pop! And they look so natural too. Thanks for leaving the link I'll have to check that out! Great blog you have here, I'm lovin' it :). Following you and hope to keep in touch!

    Oh and I don't normally like to leave a link to my blog in a comment, but the 'Name/URL' option is not available. Just so you know where I'm coming from lol:
    Sharon @ Fun and Life

  8. the honey color looks great on you, it's subtle yet it makes your eyes pop! love it :)

  9. Hi Amy,

    I was browsing and came upon your page. Do you know if these are available in prescription lenses?

    I had previously bought a grey tone prescription contact lens but the diameter was way smaller. These certainly make your eyes sparkle. Very nice

    Following you. Hope you would visit my page and if you like my posts, it would be lovely to keep in touch!

    Squeeze The Pug

  10. They are available- you just need to email them ^^

  11. Thanks for replying so quickly. I will check them out.

    Squeeze the Pug

  12. Wow, they make your eyes look bigger. But still they're so natural. I didn't even notice you had the lenses on before I looked at the comparison picture. :)


  13. thanks for sharing! i want to try circle lenses now! xo

  14. What a lovely eyes! Great post!

    Kisses from

  15. omg they look great *o*!! your eyes are so beautiful ;^; these lenses suits u well... I'm tempted to buy them too now >4<