Saturday, February 12, 2011

Honey I Washed The Kids In A Bottle? - LUSH It's Raining Men Shower Gel

Hello Ladies!
Hope everything is going well for you ^_^
Here is a quick review of LUSH'S It's Raining Men shower gel ~

It's Raining Men is LOVE.
I am just so sad that this is a limited edition product :(.

Before talking about the shower gel, I have to say that I'm a HUGE fan of LUSH and Honey I Washed the Kids Soap is my favorite. When I heard that there is going to be a shower gel that smells exactly like the soap, I had to try it out (no matter what). So I went to lush and sniffed it lol along with other limited edition products. At first, honestly, it was a little bit disappointing, because it wasn't exactly what I was expecting. Right off the bottle, it smelt like Honey I washed the kids and the Flying Fox shower gel (Jasmine scent) mixed together. i.e. it was too strong. However, I did make a purchase and I am so glad that I did, because this is the best shower gel ever. When you use it in the shower, it is not that strong at all! The toffee-fudge with a hint of floral scent is really comforting. It lathers well and it is not too drying or too sticky. When I use any Lush soaps in the shower, I find it very drying, so this is going to be a good alternative. Overall, this is a great product- I'm going back to Lush today, because I think I need to stalk up a little bit :p. 
What about you? 
Are you tempted to try this shower gel? 
Did you already get one yourself? 
What do you think about it?
 I'd love to hear from you!




  1. I've never tried Lush anything before!! LOL I feel like I'm so ancient! :p The name of it is really fun and catchy! Honey I shrunk the Kids.. LOL So cute! :)

  2. hmmm....sounds like I have to go and check it out.
    I as well love the honey I washed the kids soap. It's my second favorite right after snow-cake.

  3. ohhh i'm so going to have to try this.. because i love honey i washed the kids!! did you know i use to work at lush??? haha.. a million years ago when i was in college :)

  4. @Rainy Days and Lattes lol love their names too lol

    @ Ela snow cake is my second favorite :)

    @ Lisa OMG you worked at Lush lol that is so cool