Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cleansing Oils : Shiseido, DHC, Kiehl's

Since discovering cleansing oil about 6 years ago, I couldn't go back to my life without them. They are simply the best when it comes to removing makeup. It just makes life so much easier (no rubbing, no trash, no nothing)- But only when you are using the RIGHT one.
So here are my thoughts on some of the oils that I've been currently using.

1. Shiseido Perfect Oil : This beautifully packaged oil retails around $9-$13 depending on where you buy it, I got mine at my local 99 Ranch Market for $9 (I think). It does have a pleasant scent and the formula is thin and watery. It takes off water proof makeup, foundation, pretty much everything easily. However, there is one thing that drives me crazy. When you wash it off with water, it will leave residue. I always 'double cleanse' with a facial cleanser afterwards, but if I use this one, I end up cleansing my face one more time than usual. For that reason, I'll give 3/5.

2. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil : DHC Deep Cleansing oil is my very first cleansing oil that I ever used and never stopped using it since then. Like the shiseido one, it takes off everything easily. However, it does have a funky smell to it - it's like stale olive oil. The formula is thicker, but when it meets water, it will dissolve and disappear, leaving my face clean without any residue. I have to say it is my absolute holy grail product. This product retails for $12.50 (2.3oz.) at Overall I give a 5/5.

3. Kiehl's Oil Based Cleanser and Make-up Remover : All I can say about this product is I HATE THIS, DON'T BUY IT. This $28 cleanser will not take off any eye make up (only with making a huge mess). Every time I use this product, I have to cleanse my face with another cleanser at least 3 times - that's how much it makes the face greasy. After all the fuss what makes me even more mad is that it makes the sink scummy!!!! I generally love  Kiehl's' products, but I have to say no to this one. Overall it is a 1/5.


  1. Love your blog. Where do you get the DHC cleansing oil?

  2. thank you- l got mine from the website- :)